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Playing the piano... according to me...

Playing the piano is fun.  It should rarely be drudgery. 
    Learning to play a new piece or writing a song is like solving a puzzle. 
    It's exciting to put the pieces together.  If it gets frustrating, stop for a while.

    You need to know the basics.   Note names, chords, rhythm and music notation are your tools. 
    Keep fiddling at the piano and the tools will get easier to use.  
    The tools are the same for every musician.  How each of us chooses to use these tools is what makes each musician unique.

    Your fingers have to learn to move on the piano.   We all move in our own ways.  Your fingers will, too. 
    After a while, they'll move the way you ask.

    "Mistakes" at the piano are happy accidents and new songs to write later.  
    Don't worry about making mistakes.
    Keep going.

    "Learning" music is not an act of memorization or an exercise in frustration. 
    It is an endless exploration.  There are lots of paths to take.



    I'm happy to make arrangements when possible to come to your home.   I also occasionally teach out of my home.  I have a simple recording set-up and a high quality digital piano.

    I use a variety of method books, old and new, as well as finger exercises and games I create for each child.  I particularly enjoy The Music Tree method of piano teaching.  This method breaks instruction down into the smallest possible increments so that the child learns quickly without boredom or gaps in his/her knowledge.  The lessons unfold naturally and the result is a well-rounded pianist with a strong foundation in  the basics.  It is a pleasure to teach with these colorful and well planned books.  I highly recommend them for all beginning students. 

    Here's the link to the beginner book on Amazon, with reviews:

    Please be in touch to discuss my availability and your interests!  


    30 minute piano lesson: $35

    As a general rule of thumb, I don't teach children younger than age 5.  Young children should be exposed to every kind of music you can get your hands on! Not just "kid music."  My children loved Baby Beluga and they also love The Who, Frank Sinatra, and Fountains of Wayne.  
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