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I've played with a few local cover bands and spend most of my time working on other people's music.  But here are a few of the projects I've dabbled with in recent years... little seeds of ideas that have grown to the "mp3" stage of development.  Aww.  They're so cute when they're young.

Disclaimer: I write sad songs.  That's the groove I like.  I have written happy songs but they sound like someone else's music.

Tangled Things

This is a song I wrote in 2005 and recorded recently with the help of Mark Radice in New Jersey and Ian Cox in the U.K.   It was a finalist in the 2010 UK Songwriting Contest.

I wrote it while I was trying to learn to knit.  Never did learn to knit.

Me: vocals, piano, keyboards, drum kits
Ian Cox: acoustic guitar
Mark Radice: bass, additional keyboards


Wrote this one in 2011.  It was not quite a fully formed thought when I brought it to Mark Radice.  He added some funky elements and took it in a new direction.  Still needs a vocal do-over (hear the hiss from my laptop fan?) but I like the overall vibe of the song.   

By the way, those piano licks at 2:36 - 2:49?  Um, that's Mark.  Not me.

Me: vocals, piano, keyboards
Ian Cox: acoustic guitar
Mark Radice:  electric guitars, bass, keyboards, drum kits

Anywhere With You

Wrote this one in 2011. What's that I hear?  Is that.... a guitar?  Ohhhh, yes!  That's ME on guitar.  And what's that?  Is it a happy song?  YES!  Because I'm playing the guitar. Which makes me happy.

Me: vocals, piano, keyboards, guitar... everything.

Pretty Late Night

Wrote this one in October 2010.  Never recorded it. This is just me and my piano... feeling my way through a song for the first time.  This is how they start.  

Me: vocals, piano
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