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Piano Teaching
So many people tell me "I played the piano when I was a kid.  Then I stopped.  I can't play at all now."  Or: "I wish my parents had made me practice.  Then I could play today."  

I never met a "real" piano teacher until I was 15.  That was to learn music theory from a local singer-songwriter.  My parents never told me to practice.  (They occasionally requested an after-dinner "concert.")  I just enjoyed fiddling around at the piano.  My mom showed me the basics when I was stuck.  

I bet there are a lot of adults who used to enjoy fiddling around with the piano, too.  Somewhere along the line their inquisitive spark was extinguished. They became intimidated.  Or impatient.  Or too busy. 

So my greatest goal when teaching is to expose kids to the fun of music.  I try to build a little time into each lesson for laughing and trying something new.  

A Little About Me.

My background is in early childhood education and research.  I have my degree in developmental psychology with a masters degree in education.  I spent many years doing educational and psychological assessments with children.  For three exhausting and hilarious years, I taught preschool!  Then I had my own three children and the fun really began! 

In my spare time, I'm a piano player and a songwriter.  The piano playing started when I was big enough to climb on to the piano bench.  The songwriting followed soon after with a stick-in-your-head tune I penned called "Rainbows":  

Rainbows Rainbows Rainbows Rainbows
Red and blue
I love Rainbows
Don't you too?

It was an inspired effort.

Years later, I try to spend a bit of every day at the piano.  I write most of my lyrics in the car or at the kitchen sink.  Some of my songs are posted on this site.  Others can be found at  Check them out.  I'm still learning.  It's fun that way.
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